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Private Lessons


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​​​​Why enroll your student in Private Lessons?:
All athletes learn different skills, events and routines at different rates. Most athletes have had some skill or event that they have progressed more slowly on than others. It can be difficult to improve on that skill or event if your athlete isn’t given extra attention to detail on that skill. Private lessons can give an athlete the extra attention they need on the specific areas in which they need to improve.

Who can participate in Private Lessons?:
Members and non-members can participate. (Non-members will pay a $40 Registration/Insurance fee annually and must have a parent/legal guardian fill out paperwork BEFORE their first lesson.) Lessons are for students from beginning levels all the way through team! We also offer Semi-Private lessons! Semi-Private lessons offer a chance for 2 students to participate together. The cost of a private lesson is discounted for each student. 

How do I sign-up?:

Scheduling of Private Lessons is done via the chart below. When booking a Private lesson you will click 'Register' next to the time and day that you desire. This signs your student up for a reoccurring lesson at that time each week (if you would like to register another student in order to do a Semi-Private lesson, please email the office staff).

If you ever need to miss a lesson it is your responsibility to contact the office via email to cancel. As stated below, failure to give 24 hours notice will result in the full fees being due. Lessons must be schedule with 24 hours notice. If a student is registered for a lesson less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to meet, the first lesson will not take place until the following week. 

What if I can’t attend my pre-scheduled lesson?:
-24 hour cancellation notice is required.
​-Failing to give 24 hours notice will result in the full fees being due.
-Occasionally, coaches may need to rearrange a lesson due to schedule conflicts. 

Solo Lessons:
Beginner Lessons(Tots, Silver/White, Beginning Tumbling): 30 minutes= $25, 1 hour= $50, 2 hours= $100

Intermediate Lessons (Red, Blue, Level 1&2, Advanced Tumbling): 30 minutes=$35, 1 hour= $70, 2 hours= $140

Advanced Lessons (Rec Team, Pre Team, Team): 30 minute= $50, $1 hour=$100, 2 hours=$200

Semi-Private Lessons (max 2 students)

Beginner Lessons (Tots, Silver/White, Beginning Tumbling): 30 minutes= $35, 1 hour= $70
Intermediate Lessons (Red, Blue, Level 1&2, Advanced Tumbling): 30 minutes=$50, 1 hour= $100

-Payment is due in full, without exception, the day of and is to be paid in the office before the commencement of the lesson. 

-For Semi-private lessons: If one partner does not attend, the other student is responsible to pay the regular cost of a solo private lesson. It is not the responsibility of the coach to provide neither a partner or a replacement partner. 

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