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Skill Clinics

These hour long events are for students who want a bit of extra help on a specific skill. The following are skills clinics we will be hosting:

-July 27th, 2019- CANCELLED. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Bridges, back bends, kick overs and back walk overs. This skill clinic is for the student who needs help with flexibility and form in backwards skills. (Students from Silver Star level and up).

-Aug 24th, 2019- Handstands everywhere! Students will get to work split hands stands, strike handstands, handstand forward rolls and all things handstand! (Students Silver Star level and up).

-Sept 28th, 2019- Vault Clinic! We will work on correct runs, hurdles, arm swings, jumps, rolls and flat backs! (Students Silver Star level and up).

-Oct. 26th, 2019- Pullover Clinic! This clinic will be separated by level into two different hours. Silver Stars, White Stars and Red Stars will be from 9am-10am. Blue Stars, Rec Team and Pre Team students can sign up from 10am-11am. 

-Nov. 23rd, 2019- Cartwheels! This clinic is for any student who wants to master their cartwheel or work on fine tuning their cartwheel! (Students from Silver Star level and up).

Please note: Students will not be able to work skills outside of their skill chart unless they can show the strength and coordination to move on to the next progression.