How to get your child started:

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Step 1: Find a class in the table below that is age appropriate for your child/ren, click "Register" or "Waitlist" on the left. A card is required on file, but will NOT be run upon registration.

Step 2: Read the "Frequently Asked Questions" form by clicking on the red button below!

Step 3: Check your email! Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. It will list your child first class. Please come in 10 minutes before their first class starts!

Step 4: FREE Trial class! The first class for new students is ALWAYS free. No payment is necessary until the second class! After the FREE trial class, if your student wishes to continue you will have the following 2 options:

Important: If your family has been in the program previously, and you wish to re-enroll, you will need to contact the office so they can help you re-register.

Parents are required to participate with athletes who are under the age of 3!

Cheer and Tumbling


Option 2:


-$40 Registration fee

-Monthly tuition (depends on type of class)

Option 1:


-6 weeks of class for $90

-New students only

-Postpones registration fee. Registration and monthly tuition will begin if the student chooses to continue after blast off. 

-Recommended for younger athletes